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Meet The Wildes
Remington Wilde

Legends aren't born, but if they were they'd be just like Remington Wilde. When Remington it's time for him to step into his grandfather's shoes, he decides he doesn't quite like the fit. A kind of a leader, Remi is nobody's to command, except for his lady, who he would move heaven and earth for.   Ambitious, loyal, and possessive, Remington is unforgettable. His story is told in The Legend. 

Regan Wilde

 Beautiful, bold, and determined to be free of her family curses, Regan Wilde is often underestimated and thoroughly misunderstood.  She is a force to be reckoned with.  Those lucky enough to call her a friend know that beneath that enigmatic smile, is a heart as deep and wide and the ocean. Her story is told in The Jezebel

Tina Wilde

The Matriarch of the family, Tina Wilde wants to make sure her children avoid the mistakes of their parents.  She is the puppet master and the mama bear who's heart has a secret desire of its own. She appears in The Legend and The Jezebel.  Her story will be told in a The Original

Kahlilah Wilde

Kal has called New York City home for the last fifteen years. But, since becoming a single mother,  this native Houstonian feels the pull of nostalgia keenly.  But, it's not the historic 3rd Ward where she was born that calls her.  It's Rivers Wilde and the man whose heart hers belongs to, and the bookstore she's always loved that she's after. Her story is told in The Legend. 

Tyson Wilde

Tyson Wilde was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and white-hot passion in his heart. Fun-loving, charming, and naturally outgoing, Tyson is a chick magnet with a silver tongue.  His story is told in The Rogue.

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