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Rivers Family Tree

Meet the Rivers

Hayes Rivers

The heir and legacy of the Rivers Family, Hayes is smart, powerful, rich, and oozes sex appeal.  He is determined to restore the Rivers name to its former glory.  And with his Queen by his side, he intends to earn his moniker -  Rivers King.  

His story is told in The Legacy.

Stone Rivers

The oldest of Hayes' step-brothers, Stone wants is a born nurturer.  It's no wonder he becomes a doctor who works with the most vulnerable populations in the world.  Sensual, loyal, adventurous and wise beyond his years, Stone is a star-gazing, adventure seeker who knows how to make his woman happy.  His story is told in The Jezebel

Beau Rivers

Beau Rivers is the typical middle child - he's got a chip on his shoulder and wears his heart on his sleeve.  Though he's the glue that holds his family together, wanderlust often takes him away from them. But, this serial heartbreaker will meet a woman who will finally make him want to plant his seed.  His story will be told in The Romeo

Confidence Rivers

Daughter of the South, an advocate of all she holds dear, Confidence Ryan wears her name like a crown.  It's no surprise that when Hayes meets her, he knows she's the woman who can stand by his side.  A lawyer by profession, Confidence is ready to make her own legacy in Rivers Wilde.  Her story  appears in The Legacy.

Dare Rivers

Dare Rivers is a rebel with more causes than patience.  His heart is as wide as the ocean and he's determined to prove everyone wrong.  His story will be told in The Rake

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